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How do I deliver market leading growth?

What will be the next growth wave and how do I find it? How do I accelerate growth trajectories? How do I build a portfolio of growth initiatives and allocate resources to them?

How do I make Innovation a key driver of growth?

Where should I look for innovation? How do I build a pipeline of new ideas that reduces risk inherent to innovation while delivering growth? How do I improve processes & capabilities to increase chance of success?

What should be my Vision for a stronger, more coherent brand?

What will my brand be known for, famous for? How will it be different in the category? What assets and capabilities do I already have to base my strategy on? What assets and capabilities do I need to build in the future?

What should be my Portfolio/Brand architecture?

What strategic & business role does each brand in my portfolio play? What initiatives can strengthen them and deliver growth without cannibalising each other? On my large brand, how do I organise each variant to help consumers navigate easier and unlock growth opportunities.



Product Go-to market
New product/ claims
Brand Renovation
Integrated communication
platform development
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How do I re-invigorate my brand?

How do I build a platform for growth based on insights? What would be the sources of growth and how do I unlock them? What initiatives will deliver this growth? What should be the coherent brand story to bind together these initiatives?

How do I create breakthrough new product ideas?

What are the sources of fresh, disruptive ideas that fuels my new product pipeline? What consumer insights & trends can they be based on? How do I build a repository of compelling, differentiated and relevant claims that fuels my communication plan?

How do I create the best launch plan?

What’s the strongest concept for my new product? What are the most compelling claims? What is the design philosophy that amplifies the concept? What will be the most effective go-to-market plan?

What should be a strong integrated communications plan?

How do I create an overarching platform that drives all brand efforts - beyond marketing and including shopper, influencer and internal communications? What is the role each media channel plays in the brand story? What initiatives do I need to strengthen the platform over time?

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Critical insights/
trends identification
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In these times of true uncertainty, what are the scenarios that can play out?

On what basis do I do scenario planning when there is so much uncertainty? What all can change in consumer, economic, category trends and how do I prepare for them? How do I have confidence in a “realistic” scenario to form my plans when there is so much that change? How do I build an early warning system that tells me that my assumptions of the future are not holding?

How will my competitors react and how can I build an advantage, tactically & strategically?

What are the likely responses of my competitors to my moves? What have they done in the past? What are the constraints that they operate under? What is their culture & posture that will inform their response? What advantages do I have that I can deploy against them?

What are the pivotal insights and trends I can use to base my growth strategies on?

Out of all the data and trends I have, how do I isolate pivotal insights? How do I recognise and choose which insight to build my strategy on? Have I looked wide enough to go beyond consumer insights - have I searched for business, category or competitive insights?

How do I build capability of the wider marketing team?

How do I choose which competencies will be critical for the marketing team? How can I measurably build their competencies? Specifically, how do I build digital capabilities? Which are the best agency partners for my requirements? What is the best team structure? What are the core templates and processes my marketing team should follow?

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